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Wormax.io is basically a clone of slither.io, but with skills (you can speed up like in slither.io, and also become invisible for a period of time) and nice looking graphics and skins. Skills are used with Q, W and E. Used them wisely and you'll be able to become the leader!

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User Reviews Of Wormax.io:

Wormax.io Review: Think They Can Put More Ads In?

Every time you die, you get rewarded with a 1 min ad. The worst ad placement ever. game could have been great…

Wormax.io Review: It’s all bots

The game is perfectly valid and apparently well put together though occasionally a bit laggy. The real problem is the user base, which seems...[Read More]

Wormax.io Review: AbsoluteDogTrash

This game is absolute dog trash its just a retarded version of slither they ruined it. This garbage should be removed, dont know how it got ...[Read More]

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