Basketbros is a free sports game. Welcome to the wild world of Internet sports, where you can invite your friends over for a court beatdown. Thrill to the squeak of sneakers and the splash of the net as you dribble, dodge, pivot, and shoot your way to victory in this carefully crafted recreation of basketball. You can play online, against the computer, or even invite your friends over for a real beatdown. It's a fun and authentic game where you'll prove your worth and test your mettle on the only court that matters, the court of basketball. So get ready to fly through the air and dunk all over the place in this frantic basketball game. is a side-scrolling game where you'll shoot baskets against big opponents. Choose Zane Willow and fly through the air to dunk, or choose Steph Flurry and his deadly 3-point arsenal.

Multiplayer PvP
Invite a friend to compete on the court! Prove once and for all who's the real DunkMaster


Completely unrealistic graphics and gameplay

Who wants to be limited by reality anyway? Do you want to jump half a meter off the ground? Or would you rather go to the sky to do a MASSIVE JAM!

Choose from a variety of characters
. Each character has their own unique abilities. As you win, you can UNLOCK MORE BROS for even more slam jamming fun. Can you unlock them all, can you WIN with all of them


WASD to move, space bar to shoot