77 is a free iogame. Welcome to a game where you gain score and level up by shooting and staying alive against other players and bosses. Invest 42 upgrade points in 10 unique skills and choose one of 110 different tanks to dominate the arena and become the leader. In addition, tanks can work together against other tank teams, or as one against a siege of bosses. Tutorial: After joining a lobby, you can level up to level 45 instantly by holding down the N key and selecting one of over 100 different classes, while setting a unique set of skill points by clicking on them or using the number keys. Chase or flee using WASD, and shoot your opponents using left click or space to defend and attack. You can also customize the game in the options menu, where you can view and edit all these key combinations. In addition, you can select other themes and access more options such as automatic leveling up and low graphics. There are also links to other resources such as the custom theme creator, links to in-game proxies and a link to the private server template where you can create your own custom tanks!