76 is a multiplayer survival tower defense game where everything is a square! Defend against enemies and collect point squares to top the leaderboard. Build up your base by setting traps and luring enemies into them.

You will start with some basic traps, but as you progress, you will have access to bigger and better traps to take down way more enemies. But don't think it will be easy. As you progress more and more types of enemies will come after you each more dangerous than the last.

A good starting strategy is to build a small base around one of the point square spawners. This way you will have easy access to point squares early on and have a head start. The same idea can also be applied to the health squares spawners, so which one will you choose, infinite points or infinite health, or will your base be big enough to encompass both of them?

Defeated enemies will drop point squares which will fill up your score bar. Once filled you will be able to choose an upgrade, more health, more speed, or a bomb trap. It's up to you to choose your path.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to control the white square in the center (you). Chose what type of traps you would like to place with the buttons on the left side of your screen. Click any were else on the screen to place a trap under you. Don't worry if you misplace one though. Right-clicking traps will remove them so you can place them somewhere else.

Once you die (it happens to all of us) see your stats and have fun playing again!