Hole.io is a unique io game in which you have a black hole that has to be the biggest one there is! You have been given the opportunity to control a black hole - a small one, but capable of consuming everything in its path. You move freely around a bustling metropolis and  you can swallow cars, humans, fences, lampposts and even multi-storey buildings, although at first your skills are modest and you'll have to start by eating all sorts of small things. And so that you don't get bored or feel invincible there are other black holes in the area: everyone wants to eat and grow, but there can only be one leader: the fastest and hungriest of all.

How to play Hole.io.

The game is controlled with the mouse. Each round lasts two minutes, you have to build the maximum mass during that time. The more you consume the bigger you will become. And the bigger you become, the more items you can consume. Start your feast in the game with small objects and gradually move on to buildings.

Play Hole.io and become the biggest black hole in town