Starblast is an incredibly addictive space themed shooter, you take control of a small basic ship to start with and harvest gems to increase your stats. Once you have reached the maximum stats available for a specific ship you are given the option to evolve your model into a different type of spaceship that has a different type of weapon set / overall stats.

How to play


This game can be played passively, avoiding other players and farming gem rocks until you are strong enough to defend yourself or you can play aggressively and try to attack people while they are wandering or farming, which is definitely more fun in more opinion. In my personal encounters with the game it seems that the larger ships tend to have teammates join them either out of fear of being destroyed or just people they know, due to this it is highly recommended that you try to make a friend in the game or bring one with you!



This game gives 2 options for each action, you can control your ship using the arrow keys and shoot using the space bar or you can use the mouse. When using the mouse you navigate by holding the right click and dragging while shooting with the left click, personally I prefer this option as you have a more defined control over your movements.