Tactics Core


Tactics Core is a MOBA shooter io multiplayer online game based on an RTS game called Strike Tactics.

Take to the battlefield with a large selection of powerful units that level up and upgrade based on the number of kills you get. Futuristic aerodynamic tanks, bombers and fighter jets. Start with a basic unit like the Javelin (artillery) or the Manta (aerial fighter). Increase your kill count to unlock more advanced units like the Harpy and the Gladiator. Get even more kills to unlock super units like the huge flying battleship and the ion cannon.

Each team starts with a finite number of supplies. When you kill an enemy unit, a new enemy unit appears in its place and the enemy team's supply marker drops. When the supply reaches 0, all base defenses explode and the Command Center is vulnerable. Work as a team to destroy the enemy Command Center before the enemy destroys yours!

Tactics Core used to be called STBA.io, which stands for "Strike Tactics Battle Arena" and is the official spin-off of the browser RTS, Strike Tactics.

Tactics Core is a multiplayer online multiplayer MOBA shooter io game based on the RTS game, Strike Tactics.

Tactics Core controls


Most units use WASD movement. Aircraft that do not hover, such as the Peregrine and the bomber, move to where you point the cursor. Some units, such as the Gladiator, have alternate weapons that fire with the right button, but most units have only primary weapons that fire with the left button. Almost all units have at least one ability that is activated with the number keys. Zoom with the mouse wheel.


Basic tactics strategy


Try to stay alive as long as possible in order to level up. Switch to more powerful units when you have reached a high enough kill count. Watch out for the health of your Command Center by looking at the bars at the top center of the screen. If your team's supply runs low, return to your Command Center to defend it!