Battle Of Karin


Battle Of Karin is a free iogame. Welcome to the terrifying world of Karin. It is a multiplayer asteroid style game. It is simple but colorful with a focus on skill, accuracy and good strategy. You may think this is a re-skin of a game from 40 years ago--and to be clear: it is--but it's also reimplemented as a challenging multiplayer shoot em up in which you have multiple types of weapons and special powers that allow you to compete with the enemy. And in this game, the enemy are not just mindless rocks floating in space or simple bots programmed to shoot, and that's it. In this game the enemies are other people, they are real players like you who drive the same vehicles with the same weapons. The only thing that separates you from them is your skills. So, grab some good scrubs and get to playing this totally cool game.

Aim well and think fast to dominate the Karin group of asteroids.



It's a free-for-all battle. Each kill gives you one point. At the end of the 3 minute round whoever has the most points wins. All your points are added to your overall score. The winner also gets 10 bonus points in the overall standings.

It only takes 3 hits to destroy a ship and there are no reparations.



Use the arrow keys to move and space to shoot. You can use the special powers when they are activated. Press X to accelerate and C to fire a laser.

Use acceleration to quickly change direction or escape from opponents. Use the laser to scream through the asteroids and bullets.

Special powers take 5 seconds to recharge, so use them wisely.



Logged-in players can customize their ships. They can select the color of their hull, cockpit, and flame.


The best players in the overall ranking get badges. The ranking is updated after each game. If you are the best player in any ranking you will also move up. Your badge will be displayed in the game.

Only logged in players participate in the ranking.



Use your discord account to authenticate. The game will only access your discord username.