Pounce.sh is 2 player stealth game. Track your opponent while hiding your own location. Game Basics: - Two players are placed on a grid and they cannot see each other. - Players take turns moving or pouncing around the board trying to kill each other. - Move is stealthy but has a limited range. - Powerful actions like pouncing have tactical advantages but will reveal a player’s location. - Each cell of the grid is one of 5 types of tile. - When a player moves the other player will be able to see what type of tile they land on. - Try to track your opponent’s location while hiding their own. Powerups: - Bomb: The bomb kills any opponents in a diamond surrounding the user. - Lazer: The lazer kills any opponents in either your row or column. - Reveal: This reveals the location of your opponent. General Strategy Tips: - Get power ups early to control the field. They will come in handy especially in the end game - You need to be careful. You are weakest when picking up powerups or pouncing. Advanced Tips: - Players will spawn at least 4 blocks apart. - When explosive power ups are used they scorch the tiles they touch. Your opponents tiles in their feed will change if the tile is scotched. - Highlight or tap an icon in your feed to see info on where an opponent could have been