PunG.io is a free IOGame. If you like fist fighting in your free IOGames, then you are going to love pung.io. In this game, you will use your fists to fight. After each fight, you can collect experience points and other in-game currency to upgrade a variety of different stats. These stats can be changed and customized by you to create a unique character that suits your personal play style. You can also get new characters by purchasing them with gold. This allows you to build unique and customized characters that have the ability to stand out and dominate the competition. Since Pung.io is an IOGame, the other characters you face in the arena are controlled by real players from around the world. You will not only be testing your skills against NPCs but against real players. Players can earn gold by splitting up other players. There is no level limit or stat limit.

Keyboard to move and interact with several different elements of the arena.

Mouse to aim the character.

Mouse to aim the character. Mouse for aiming the character.