GoTet is a game that resembles to Tetris, yet brings something new to the table: instead of controlling the tetrominoes you control and move your play-field (square) on a map where players compete with each other and against the clock. Also, there are spells that you can cast to help you complete your increasing square pattern or battle against other players. The games has a multiplayer mode (with 8 players on the map) and two single modes: classic and modern. The difference between the two is in the spells that are available to cast.

Game modes:

Singleplayer Classic
You play solo on the map. The game objective is to complete the maximum level as fast as possible.

Singleplayer Modern
Similar to singleplayer classic but you have more spells at your disposal.

8 Players on a 256x256 map. You gain points as you progress through the levels but you also become slower. There is a maximum level cap. The game objective is to last as much longer you can (i.e. until the clock times out or you're shrunk to death by another player). There is room for different strategies, you can play offensive and defensive. With many players the interactions become much more interesting.

How to play:
1) Start with an empty square. A clock shows how many seconds you have to fill your square until you're eliminated.
2) You look for tiles on the map by moving around.
3) When you find tiles you glue them. You complete the level when the square is completely filled: - you become bigger and gain more points - with the points you can cast spells. The prices of the spells are shown on the spells bar. - the clock is reset - some tiles (gold, silver, bronze) value more. There are also surprise chests that are opened when the level is completed.
4) You can drop your tiles at any point.
5) You can steal tiles from others players. They can too, unless you are protected through shield spell.

WASD, arrow keys, or hold down left-click and move mouse = move
Space or left-click in the square = glue
M or right-click = drop

N = spin
B = magnet
V = shield
F = fire
C = shrink
X = speed
T = time

Mobile Controls:
On mobile, tap or hold and move in the desired direction. Tap in the square to glue tiles. Use the left wheel spells to glue or release tiles. Use the right wheel for other spells.

See the tutorial section for more information. The game is still in development but I think it has good potential. I am open to all feedback from the players. I also have in mind new spells and stuff to do (invisibility, dynamite tiles, teleport, secret combos, puzzles and bonuses) and to improve graphics and add sounds to the game. All will be possible with the help of the community. If you are willing to support I will be very grateful. The backend of the game is currently hosted on a minimal aws instance. For bugs please report to [email protected]