Multi Cave


Multi Cave is a free IOGame. Welcome to the wonderful world of this massively multiplayer arena game. Move around the cave using the grappling hook that can stick to walls and ceilings and drag you around. You must compete against other players in multiple game modes and try to be the best. In this game, the cave is a maze and you must shoot, swing and grab the grappling hook to get out at all costs. This game is also a race and you will face other players from all over the world. Race to the end of each level, come in first, throw bombs, use weapons and stay one step ahead of the competition in this fast and fun action IOGame.

Game modes include: Obstacle Course, Jump Through Hoops, Zombie Survival, and more to come soon.



Click with the mouse to fire your hook. Hold down the mouse button to hold it and pull yourself up. With practice, you'll improve your skills and be able to quickly navigate the level and avoid obstacles and beat the other players.