Junon Imposter


Junon Imposter is a free IOgame. It is a  multiplayer party game in which you play as crew members inside a space station and you have to find out who the Imposter is. As a crew member, you are given a series of tasks that you have to complete. If all crew members complete their task, they win the game. If you are the Imposter, your task is to kill everyone or sabotage the place by planting a bomb. Imposters can also hide under vents, sabotage the lights and kill anyone instantly with an assassin's knife. Crew members must be vigilant at all times and report any bodies found, which will result in a meeting where everyone can discuss and expel the imposter. Play now and enjoy an experience similar to Among Us on the web.


wasd - to move
E - interact

space or mouseclick - to use item
number keys - toggle between items