66 is a super addictive and entertaining Slither-style io game; not to mention highly competitive. The game is all about trying not to crash before your opponents. Although you can only move left and right it's not as simple as it sounds, there are tons of power ups available around the map and other things that can give you a much needed advantage over your opponents.

How to play.

In the world of Curve Fever you play as a line snake, your goal is simply to be the last one standing, which is definitely easier said than done! You only have the ability to turn left or right, which means you always navigate in circular motions, you have to avoid crashing into your own body, the trails you leave behind, as well as other players and their trails and walls! Now if that doesn't sound difficult enough, the arena is very small considering it fits 6 players and there are power-ups scattered all over the map, such as speed boosters, which can really mess you up if you're not prepared to control the extra speed.



In you only have the ability to turn left and right with the arrow keys.