Nuke Zone!


Nuke Zone is a multiplayer tank game. Destroy the enemy team's base & lead your CyberTank team to victory in this fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter! Level up and unlock new CyberTanks as you destroy, incinerate and detonate your way through the enemy players... Welcome to Nuke Zone!

Game features:

  • Futuristic first-person CyberTank battles!
  • Use your keyboard to control your tank and shoot your opponents (no mouse required)
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  • Collect experience points (XP) for causing damage, blowing up tanks and destroying the enemy base.
  • Please don't worry.
  • Level up to unlock powerful new equipment and unique tank types .
  • Become the nuke champion!!!


  • WASD - Move up, down, pan left and right
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  • Left Arrow - Pan left
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  • Right Arrow - Pan right
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  • Attack - Space
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  • Skill - Left Shift
  • All of these can be changed from the menu
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