74 is a free iogame. In STOLK, you will find yourself in a fast paced game, trying to be the best. You will find yourself playing as a ping pong ball holding the paddle trying to hit other balls, in a scenario that as a ball should be very familiar to you, the ping pong table. Use your speed and skills to evade your opponents' attacks and knock them off the table before they knock you down. GAME: Your goal is to knock other players off the edge and grow in size with each player you manage to hit over the edge. As you grow, you will notice that your speed starts to slow down, this is because you are getting heavier. The heavier you get, the harder it will be for the other player to knock you over the edge, but you are not invincible. CONTROLS (W) : Move forward (A) : Move left (S) : Move backwards (D) : Move right (Shift) : Hold for a short boost (LMB) : Click to move the paddle, hold to charge the movement and hit with more power.