73 is a free IOGame. The Play through parkour-inspired lobby and make your way to the end of the maps! Twist, turn, run and jump your way through large themed worlds, all without falling to your doom. Race to the end, get a high score and earn gold while doing so. Then, spend your hard-earned gold in the store by pressing B (or the store icon in the lower left corner), buying power-ups so you can get an even more incredible score!




WASD - movement


Shift - Shift - Run (alternatively, double tap w)

DROP - DROP - C (alternatively, Z, | or CAPS LOCK)

Chat - T or ENTER

Open Store - B

Start command - /




/nobuffs - speedrun for first place on a separate leaderboard without buffs


/rtv - not a fan of this map? Vote to skip it


/players - see the current players in your lobby.

/xp - View your level and xp.

/played - View the time you have spent having the most fun.