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User Avg Review: Worst .io game I have ever played

User Rating: 1

This is the worst .io game I have ever played. Don’t bother wasting your time with this piece of trash. Movement does not change with leveling (if you add cannons you slow down), and it makes is so that strong level 75 ships can be tailed down by level 1 ships. The movement in this game is absolutely horrendous. I spent about an hour continuously leveling up my ship in hopes of making it to the top of the leaderboard only to be ditched by my fellow ships, killed by some cheap tricks on the opposing side, or ganged up on. A game that facilitates this kind of cheap play is a waste of time. If you want a quality game, try

  • aenews

    You just never learned to play correctly. Some people do play heavy tank builds, but those are generally the worst to have at a high level. It’s optimal to have a build with balanced stats with fairly decent speed and agility. And a LVL 1 Build would not be able to “tail down” a LVL 75. The LVL 1 could be faster or the same speed, but it would get murdered by enemy turrets and would have almost zero power to the bullets. I tend to stay out of the fray until I reach a sufficiently high level, and in the beginning of the game focus on maximizing move speed and getting turn speed to 60-70 as well as opting for some regeneration or a slight boost to hull if needed. Obviously you’ll become far too heavy to be agile if you opt to keep increasing hull greedily. I generally keep around 60 Hull as a good balance. You should also not get too greedy with the ship upgrades on the bottom of the screen. I get a few upgrades but never go for heavy turrets that will slow me down.

    The only builds that stand a chance against my build are similar builds and light RAM builds that can outpace my Doblon though with those they have low hull, so I can usually shoot them down before impact. If I’m facing a tanky build, I can outpace and run circles around them until they die as well as chase them down if they run away. That sounds similar to what you experienced. You’re ranting about the game without understanding the game mechanics and not finding the build that works best for you. It sounds like either you should play with a balanced powerful yet still agile build or a light RAM build instead of opting for a heavy tank.

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