Warin.space is a space themed battle game that pits you against enemy fleets for control of the galaxy. Unlike other io games that promote individual skill warfare in space it focuses on encouraging team play, because of this you have to remember that numbers win here and excellent teamwork is the way to succeed!

How to play.

In this .io style game you control a spaceship which you use to farm, upgrade, evolve and kill enemy ships. As mentioned above it is a team game so if your team doesn't work together it will be quite difficult to win. Once your team starts to have an advantage over your opponents, you must organize an assault on the enemy base and destroy it. When playing Warin.space just remember that there is power in numbers, with that in mind you also have the ability to single-handedly dismantle a team if you are able to catch a stray ship and slowly dismantle their main fleet.



To control your spaceship you'll have to use the WASD keys, you can also navigate the camera using the mouse.