Zorelit.io is a very dynamic space shooter game. You fly a starship with special weapon on board. Destroy enemies and asteroids, collect bonuses to level up and gain power. The game is good for stress relief: you fall into the thick of the battle immediately after joining.

How to play


The actual gameplay is free for all. Attack everyone and destroy as many enemies as you can to win the round.



If you want to avoid the aggressive battle and want to get some levels by destroying asteroids, you better have powers to escape, like the Engine Booster you have from the beginning or the Force Dash.

Some combinations of weapons and abilities work better. For example:


- Blaster and Engine Ascensor.


- Ray and Space Transformation.


- Bomb and Black Hole.




The ship is controlled with a mouse or touch pad.

Shoot with the left mouse button or Q.

Use the ability with the right mouse button or the W.

Expert players also use Space to hold direction while aiming at another point.