Microgravity.io is a 2D shooter io game set in space where you must create a conquering civilization. Collect resources to build a civilization on a planet. Build defenses and take over the planets of other players.

How to play Microgravity

  • Gather resources from asteroids and mines.
  • Build cities to supply labor for factories and mines.
  • Build factories to gather unique weapons.
  • Join alliances to conquer other planets.
  • Beware of the limited resources of the planets.

Microgravity controls

  • Move: W, A, S and D or the arrow keys
  • .
  • Aim: Mouse
  • .
  • Shoot: Left click or Space
  • .
  • Boost: Shift
  • Chat: T or Enter
  • Select Weapon: Q and E
  • Push in direction: Right click
  • Directional reverse: Center click
  • .
  • Switching alliance: R
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