Asteroid Anarchy


Asteroid Anarchy is a multiplayer battle royale game. This is a game played in an asteroid field. Your goal is to collect crystals and ore, upgrade your ship, destroy bots, and kill other human players.

Asteroid Anarchy is a fast-paced, competitive game! The longer you survive, the more crystals you can collect. 

WASD or Arrows  - Rotate left, rotate right, thrust.
F or Space            - Fire.
?                           - Display frames per second and ping.

Mobile Controls:
Shooting is automatic. Touch the screen to turn and thrust.

Mine asteroids or destroy bots and other players to collect crystals. For every 10 crystals you collect, your ship gets an upgrade. The upgrade is selected randomly, and will either be an increase in the number of shots you can fire, additional cargo space, or increased mining capability. 

There are exactly 1000 crystals in the game, and they are never created or destroyed, so see if you can collect them all!

Mine the center planet or destroy bots and other players to collect ore. If your ship is damaged, it will be repaired automatically if you have at least 5 ore. The maximum amount of ore you can collect is limited by your cargo size, which can be increased by collecting crystals.

If you collect 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 ore, you will receive different major ship upgrades. To collect this much ore, you must first increase your cargo capability by collecting more crystals.

The leaderboard displays a list of all current players sorted by the number of crystals they have collected. You can hunt the leaders to destroy them and steal their crystals when they die. Crystals are never destroyed, so if you kill someone, all of their crystals are released and may be picked up by anyone.

You get one credit for each bot you kill. Bots attack in squadrons of 5 different bots. The bots are: Squatter (green), Sniper (blue), Strafer (yellow), Explorer (orange), and Hunter (red). Each bot has a different personality. You will not get credit for killing the same bot over and over again. You must destroy the entire squadron (one of each bot type) before you can get credit for killing the same bot again. If a bot ship appears hollow, you will not get credit for killing it.

Player Kills:
You get one credit for each real player killed. However, you may not get credit from killing the same player over and over again. If a player ship appears hollow, then you will not get credit for killing them again.

Indicator Arrows:
On the edges of the screen, there are arrows pointing to the location of enemy players and bots. The color of the arrows match the color of the player or bot. If an arrow is hollow, it means that you have already killed that enemy, and will not get credit for killing them again. 

High Scores:
The score for every game ever played is recorded. When you die, you will be shown where you rank compared to all other games played. There are three high score boards:  most crystals collected, most bots killed, and most players killed. All high scores have weekly as well as all time versions. If there is a tie in scores, the shorter game will have the higher rank.