Flap Royale


Flap Royale is a fun flapping real-time multiplayer battle royale style game. This game has many customization options and buddy system so people can play with their friends in as little as 5 seconds.

Play with your friends in a flappy bird style real time action multiplayer game, try to get the royale win! win diamonds! unlock all customizations and be the best among all other birds! We focus on suggestions from our community, so you can join our discord server which is located in the top left corner of the game and share your experience, ideas, skins, game hats.



  • Real time battle royale action with up to 100 birds per game
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  • Friends and party system, you can send/receive/accept friend requests and invite friends to the party and play all together
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  • Customization system, you can change your skin, hat (more options coming soon)
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Instructions on how to play:

  1. Press the play
  2. button.
  3. Click on the screen to flap!!! or press SPACE on the keyboard :)
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