75 is a free IOGame. Welcome to the wild and strange world of, a new multiplayer action game about alien abductions, where you can play as the aliens! Control an advanced spaceship equipped with a tractor beam, capable of pulling humans, cars and even larger objects inside; grow by absorbing everything around you and converting it into energy; compete against other players in real time and reach the top of the leaderboard at the end of the round.

But you can also play as the aliens!
Multiple players can compete against each other in online. Everyone starts with the same size, and whoever can destroy the most objects around the map grows bigger than the rest and becomes more powerful. The more you consume, the bigger the structures you can drag, and the better chance you have of surviving the confrontations with other players.'s simple controls play a big role in the game's overall appeal. Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag the cursor to where you want the UFO to go. If you prefer to use the keyboard, there is also the option to press WASD and the arrow keys to move around the map.
Playing a quick game of takes no more than two minutes, so it's a good way to have fun, while you take a break from work or study. Plus, it's a browser game, which means you can play it from almost any device connected to the Internet. If you are ready to give it a try, just press Play and enjoy for free.