The game is TileFall.io underneath is a lake of lava. If we don't want our dinosaur to fall in there and turn into a fossil, then we will have to turn and find the best ways to get around the danger.

How do you play TileFall.io?

All TileFall.io players start on equal footing. There is a lava lake under our feet several floors below. It is impossible to avoid it, but if other players fall there before you, then you will win. Dodge, develop new methods to beat your opponents: everything to keep your dinosaur from turning into a barbecue!

During the fall, you have to understand where you are going to move. The ground beneath you will melt quickly, and the longer you stay on each of the levels, the more chances you have to win the whole race. It only remains to invite your friends to compete in Tilefall.io in a nice friendly atmosphere!