Witz is a competitive and witty party game. Play against up to 10 players to come up with the funniest and most original answer to the question and beat the other player. After each round, vote on your favorite answer and the others will vote on your answer. In the third round, the best answer given in the previous two rounds becomes the question and you have to give the best wording that works for the word. In the third round vote for your three favorites. The winner of the game will end up with the most points.

May the wittiest win!

Choose a creature:

Choose a creature on the home screen from a range of colors to best represent your play style. Make your character talk, show emojis or jump when you click on it. The little guys have a lot of attitude when you interact with them.

The private lobbies:


Create private lobbies to play with friends and family. The gameplay remains the same and the controls are consistent with the public game. Copy the private key at the top left to share the link on any messaging platform.

Share jokes:


Share the snapshots of the jokes you find the funniest by downloading them to the camera roll for uploading to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or use the Twitter link to generate a generated image to share the funniest jokes with your followers and friends.


  • Type words or phrases to respond to the prompt.
  • .
  • Click on emojis, players or chat to generate responses.
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  • Click on the card to vote for your favorite.

Game developed by:


Mathew Matakovic

Nathan Flurry