Flappyroyale.io is a game of reflexes, physics and high-flying fun. Buckle up and get ready to fall, Flappyroyale.io is here to teach you how to fly - one flap at a time. In this exciting real-time physics game you will fly against other players from all over the world. Your mission is simple: SURVIVE. But it will take more than determination and luck to beat the different levels. Each level is randomly generated and features a variety of obstacles at different heights and distances from each other. Your job is to click your way through this obstacle course each time. Each click of your mouse will cause your custom avatar to move up one time. This movement is predictable and will be followed by an immediate fall. Time your flippers perfectly so you can fly in a straight line, go up, down and avoid obstacles. You will be able to see the ghosts of the hundreds of players you face, don't be intimidated! Try to use their very existence as inspiration to keep you going. You can do it. It won't be easy, but it will be fun.