Ride dragons, skewer your opponents and collect heads - the more heads you collect, the deadlier you become! Keep an eye on your opponents' spear, as there's a price on your head too!

Clear the skies with your winged steed in this free enemy jousting browser game! Control your dragon and spear everyone in your path: marauders, adventurers and noobs alike! Engage in battles with other riders on the same map. Get bigger and more powerful, but be careful who you meet head on.

Key Features;
- Fun side-scrolling gameplay
- Flappy Bird style controls
- Ride the damn dragons
- Throw the heads of your opponents. - Easily pick up the heads of your downed enemies
- Possess the skies

Levitate and decapitate! Take off with your dragon now and be careful not to lose your head


Controls: Keyboard or mouse