Golob is a free to play, multiplayer risk/reward IOgame in which you must collect as many starfish as possible and bring them home to earn points.

Maximize points by taking many starfish home at once but without getting destroyed by other players or creatures in the process. Steal starfish from other players with a green circle as they have more starfish than you. Avoid players with a red circle, as they have fewer starfish than you and can destroy you. You appear white in your house. No one else can see your house, but everyone can see the players in white. You avoid being destroyed by bombs, but you can activate bombs to destroy other players.

Earning points gives you upgrades. For example, the Booster upgrade gives you increased speed time during a boost. The Shell upgrade gives you a longer safety time while pink. Or the Climber upgrade gives you a higher speed when you are touching walls/rocks. Upgrades increase your level by 1, which changes the way your character is displayed. Upgrades also increase the maximum amount of starfish that can be stolen from other players by 5.

Game Controls:
- Use the mouse to move around, or tap & drag on mobile devices.

- Click anywhere to speed up, or tap the blue button on mobile devices.