70 is a 10 vs. 10 multiplayer action game, in which two teams face off in fast-paced sea battles. You can seamlessly jump into a game and join either the "Red Team" or the "Blue Team."

How to play

Right now there are two modes: HQ Destruction and Team Deathmatch.

In HQ Destruction the objective is to destroy the enemy HQ by moving the large sea mine itself towards the enemy base. To achieve this goal, you not only have to destroy the enemy ships by using your cannons or torpedoes, but also by collecting different types of chests that are floating on the surface.

In Team Deathmatch the objective is to destroy more enemy ships than the opposing team within a set amount of time.

Collect the following crates:

Mine boxes: They glow in your team's color and move your own mine into the enemy headquarters.

XP Boxes: Collect them to upgrade your ship. The more your ship evolves, the more damage it will do and the more it can hold up.

Amo crates: Each cannon shot will cost you one unit of ammo, firing torpedoes even five. Collect ammo crates to reload your cannons and tubes.

Repair crates: Your ship will be destroyed in case your HP reaches 0. Collect repair crates to repair your ship.




You control your battleship using the mouse or using WASD on the keyboard. To activate your special weapon click on the button in the bottom right corner or press the SPACE key. Strategy


To be successful, you must also keep in mind two more things.


First, for the duration of the battle, you will be able to respawn after your ship has been destroyed. Each respawn will cost you 5 levels. 

Secondly, avoid turning on energy barriers, as well as turrets that target you, because they will damage your ship a lot.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the bridge!

What are you waiting for?