67 is a chase and escape variant of the game of Rock Paper & Scissors. It's a free for all game with a public scoreboard.

Rock kills Scissors

Scissors kills Paper

Paper kills Rock


How to Play

Control the direction your character moves with your mouse.

Right click to start dashing. The dash is an ability that once activated accelerates your character in one direction for a certain time without letting you change the direction while it's active. It has a cooldown that resets once you level up or after you get the cooldown reset (c) powerup. The orb lights are points, and the circled letters are power-ups.



Powerups (Collectible letters found on the map).

cooldown reset (c)

phantom mode - will make you intangible and harmless (p)

grow in size (g)

shrink in size (s)




  - activate with right mouse button or double tap on mobile

Q - will reduce the cooldown for dash when available. Each upgrade reduces it by 4 seconds to a minimum of 4 seconds

W - will give you an extra life. When someone touches you it will push you back and you will lose this point having to make another level to get it back

E - will upgrade the dash distance

R - will make your cooldown reset when killing someone, giving a high skill play possible



  - There are maximum 100 levels. Each level passively increases your speed and gives one skill point that can be used to upgrade the dash distance, cooldown reduction, get a special passive ultimate ability or an extra life.


  - The blue orbs located on the cooldown bar indicate a player level of cooldown reduction

  - The yellow orbs located on the cooldown bar indicate a player level of dash distance

  - The green orb revolving orb indicate a player level of dash cooldown reset

  - The character size indicate his number of lives (maximum 3). The power-up that makes you bigger doesn't give you extra lives. Strategy

If you dash and during the dash you get the power-up of reset cooldown you can double dash


If there is someone chasing you and someone chasing them, you can time the phantom mode (p) power-up to bait your killer into dying and then killing his killer.


When you kill someone you take a part of his points (100% max the points required for a level up).