Ocean io games


The best Ocean .io games online


Do you love multiplayer ocean games on the internet? Have you played many online ocean games and you are not excited to play anymore? Well, there are many ocean .io games that you may not have come across that will blow your mind!

Why not check out the list of ocean .io games below:


1. Shipo.io

This is a cool ship battle game that has a 3D graphics environment. On the ship, you are the captain in search of glory and fame. To conquer, you must collect enough treasure to buy cannons and raise the standard of your ship. Mines and cannons are the weapons you use in battle, but you are expected to avoid being hit by other ships’ cannons.

You control the ship with the mouse and left click to shoot other ships.


2. Sharkz.io

This is another fun ocean .io game, where you play as a shark in the ocean and you are expected to swim and eat other creatures lower than you on the food chain. However, there are many other sharks, as well as squid, hammerhead sharks, and other types of fish and other creatures in the sea.

Be sure to avoid other larger and more powerful creatures. Avoid getting too close or else you might get eaten!

To move your shark, use the cursor and move forward to eat other smaller creatures.


3. Pirac.io

This is an amazing ship and ocean battle game where you sail everywhere with your ship to collect gold and fight pirates. You too can be the pirate.

When playing this game, do your best to avoid battle until you can collect enough gold to make you powerful enough to fight enemies.

To play this ocean .io game, use the cursor to guide your ship and when you shoot, click the left button.