Popular Wars.io


Popular Wars.io is a unique multiplayer io game based on how powerful you are as an influencer. Popularity, popularity never changes. In Popularwars.io you compete in a massive multiplayer experience against opponents from all over the world. Your goal is to move fast, be smart and gain the most followers. Find niche cliques, gobble up entire communities and get bigger and bigger. In fact, if your popularity grows big enough, you can start absorbing your opponents and their followers. The best revenge is a follow from an old enemy. Popularity is important and it is a rare treasure. In this game, your popularity is scored on a leaderboard that only holds three people. If you can't make it to first, second or third, you might as well not even show up. Outsmart the other players, take their fans and build a following. A very literal allegory of how social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook work. Game Instructions / How to Play Left-click, move around the board and navigate over the tiny followers.