DogFlight is a free iogame. Welcome to the wild world of aerial combat. You are an ace fighter aboard your favorite aircraft. In each level you will face real opponents from all over the world. Other players like you who sit down to engage in aerial dogfights and dogfights to complete their mission objectives. The downside to this game is that you won't be piloting the plane like you're used to in other air combat games. One of the many cool twists available in is that you pilot your craft by using your mouse to point to a location within a certain radius of your craft. Your aircraft will then begin to fly in an arc shape using the pinpointed location as the center. It's a tricky method of flying, avoiding enemy fire, locating enemies and accomplishing your objectives, but ultimately it's in solving that puzzle that you'll find the most fun in this game. As you progress, earn and advance, you can upgrade the type of ship you have and its weapon systems. Think strategically and see if you can take down your opponents in this unique dogfighting game. Because, remember, in this game you will be multiplayer free-to-play top view 2d shooter. The browser version is controlled with a mouse click and you can play with one hand, while the mobile version retains a good part of the gameplay. You can play alone or in teams of up to 5 players. The game rules are simple and can be learned while playing.



If you are on a high-end computer go to the options tab and select high detail background.

Browser control


Left mouse to rotate, right mouse to fire. By left-clicking anywhere on the screen, you set both the side to rotate to and the radius of the rotation.

Mobile controls

Touch to turn, drag to shoot. By touching, you set both the side to turn to and the radius of rotation. The drag direction will determine the firing angle on those aircraft that have a turret.


Help your troop transports and scouts get past the enemy line, prevent enemy transports/scouts from reaching your line.


  • Escape your troop transport beyond the enemy line and you will earn 10,000 points
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