Sea Ride


Sea Ride is a free iogame. Welcome to the depths of the farthest sea. A world of pure adventure and imagination. A world of danger. Sea Ride is an iogame where you start small and eat your way to the top. Gobble other fish and break different boxes to unlock power-ups that allow you to attack from a distance. Move fast and be a tactical genius to avoid the other fish as you swim your way to the top.

Sea Ride is a game where you collect power-ups to improve your stats and make you more powerful. The dangers are not only other players, but urchins, bombs and crazy events occur. Use the anemones to protect yourself. Level up as much as you can during the main game to improve your chances of mastering the final mini-game.

Attack enemies by charging your momentum and hitting them from the side or back. Hitting from the front will stop them, so roll them around to land your body blows. Hitting them in the back does the most damage.

Collect coins to spend on new characters.




The character follows the mouse. Right-click to brake/charge, release to propel forward.

Alternatively use arrow keys to turn, space bar to brake/charge boost.

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