64 a classic io game in which you must collect jewels while avoiding being bombed. Move your Emoji to grab Jewels and avoid Meanies in this arcade style .io game! Throw bombs to blow up Meanies and other players!


How to play

Use the mouse pointer to direct your Emoji. Left-click to throw bombs and right-click to increase speed. strategy


In you must carefully dodge Meanies and bombs from other players in order to collect as many Jewels as you can. The more Jewels you collect, the more powerful your bombs will become as you take out the Meanies and clear the way to more riches.

Pass over potential threats or get away from other players as you carefully navigate a dynamic and ever-changing environment of danger.

Get your score against other players from around the world to prove your skills in collecting Jewels or taking out Meanies.

Simple controls and addictive gameplay mechanics mean you can start playing right now.

And, if you're lucky enough, you can find the legendary "Poop Hat" that causes Meanies to flee in terror from your stinky antics.