HEX BOIS is a free iogame. welcome to a fast paced game where you build an empire of hexagons. Defend against other players and destroy their bases!

Build generator tiles to make money, spend it on walls to defend your base and cores to boost your income. Make sure to keep all tiles connected to one of your cores. A tile will fade away and be destroyed if it is not connected! Once your last core is destroyed, you loose the game and die.

The different tiles:

Normal tiles - these tiles are excellent for attacking other players, they can only have a maximum of 5 health but are the cheapest tile in the game, making them easy for building out and exploring other areas of the map

Generator tiles - essential for every hexagonal empire! Generators produce a small amount of money each, but build enough of them and you will soon be rich!

Core tiles - the heart of every base. Each core tile acts as an anchor that all your other tiles must be connected to. Build more cores throughout the map and defend them to improve your chances of survival. Each core also boosts the income of ALL of your genertors, so it is good to build them as soon as you can afford one!

Wall tiles - excellent at defending. These tough tiles are an inexpensive way to get lots of defence for your base. They do however take time to grow health, so make sure to buy them early before you need them!

Want to play like a pro?

  • Don't risk any cores or generators being destroyed. For each core or generator you place, their price goes up. This means that they can become very expensive and if you allow them to be destroyed all the time they will eventually be too expensive to replace!
  • Minimise the number of active tiles. The number of tiles you currently have is displayed on the leaderboard (top left). It costs more to attack players with less tiles than you. And likewise; the fewer tiles you have, the more expensive you will be to attack! So be careful not to place tons of useless tiles.
  • Build at the edge of the map. It is much easier to defend when you have one of your flanks covered! There is no way a player can get behind you if you are built up against the edge, or event better the corner, of the map. But watch out, these valuble spaces will attract more attention!