Our World Of Pixels


Our Pixel World is a free drawing game.

The canvas is infinite and the limits of this game are infinite. It's a community pixel drawing activity where you and hundreds of other players from around the world show up and collaborate to make really cool art. The only rules are: be nice, be cool, don't hate, don't do weird stuff. Don't bother the mods or other players and you are free to create and collaborate as long as you want. The canvas is not technically infinite, but it's so big that we dare you, we dare you twice to find the end of it. Whether you want to draw a cool pixelated stick man, a 3D meme or an abstract creation of your own, the choice is yours. Coordinate with other players in chat to maximize your contributions and create something big and powerful. Art is a game that never ends and everyone is a winner just for connecting. Ever wanted to create? Express yourself? Create something in the world that has never existed before? We give you that opportunity with "Our World of Pixels" a shared experience of the most profound.



Use the mouse to select various tools from the left sidebar such as the paint bucket, brush, move tool, zoom and erase. On the right side of the screen there is the possibility to choose different colors.