DRAWar.io is a free iogame. In this fun and exciting iogame, you will challenge your friends and strangers from all over the world in a drawing battle. In each round one player is given a keyword to draw. Improve your artistic and puzzle solving skills at the same time while playing Drawar.io! This is the iogame version of the classic party games and apps that have been around for years. It is an exploration of your drawing skills and your ability to quickly guess what an image is. Finally, you'll be able to version multiple players who will join a lobby and take turns drawing secret words assigned by the AI. While one person draws, the others watch the process in real time and guess what it might be. The playing area is divided into several parts: the drawing board is at the top, the chat is below it at the bottom, and the player list is on the right. The drawing is done with the mouse, while the guesses must be sent to the chat as if they were normal messages: if your guess is correct, it will be hidden from everyone else until the round is over.