This game is no longer in development.


. is a fun multiplayer IO game similar to golf. Players use gravity to launch their ship and reach the final planet as fast as possible with the least amount of strokes. Levels are randomly generated, so each round is different.

There are also different power-ups to obtain, each of which can be used to advance in the round and sabotage other players!

How to play

. is very simple to play. Use your mouse to click and drag anywhere on the screen. Then release and your ship will be propelled in that direction, use this to orbit planets and reach the end! You can also pick up power-ups and use them by tapping the icon or right-clicking. Strategy


Orbiting in is the key to success. You must orbit planets and use their gravity to launch your ship faster and reach the end of the level. Using power-ups to slow down other players can also be very useful.