67 is a free combat io game with 2D animation and level ups. In the world of Sl4sh you find yourself as a triangle of a certain color, this color is chosen at the beginning and comes with unique base stats that will be displayed. This game is a 2d combat game that can keep you entertained for long periods of time as there is a high skill cap.

How to play.

As I mentioned earlier the skill cap on this game is one of the highest I have reviewed, at first I thought all I had to do was run through the forms and get levels, but I was very wrong! Not only is the leveling system advanced, but the stats you choose can also affect your performance in battle. You have the option to increase more than 7 stats to improve your triangle's performance, such as speed, damage and maximum health. In the game there is a leaderboard that shows the levels of everyone in the arena and the map at the bottom will show both your character and the highest rank on the server, you are advised to stay away from them if you are new.



Despite the game being quite deep the controls are still very simple, the character is driven through mouse movement and left click is used to attack, be aware that if your attack doesn't connect with a shape or a player it will go into cooldown!