Wormax.io is another awesome Slither-like io game. You start as a small snake and the goal is to get bigger through eating food. However, one of the biggest draws of Wormax are the power-ups, which we'll talk about in more detail below.

How to play Wormax


If you've played any other Slither based game you should already know the basics, you start small and aim to get big as you assert your mastery of the snake by killing other worms bigger or smaller than you. As I mentioned briefly above, one of the coolest features is the addition of interesting powers, there are several that you can find and use to your advantage on the map, such as invisibility. I know I promised more details but I think it's best I leave you with that little hint and you can discover the rest for yourselves, good luck and have fun!



Again the controls in this game are very simplistic, the mouse cursor controls all the movement of the snake and using the space bar will allow you to boost your speed at the cost of points.