Worms.lol is a free slider style iogame. This game aims to be one of the most popular .io games. In Worms.lol you can complete challenges to get rewards like hats, different mouths, eyes or glasses.
When you start the game you appear as a small worm and you have to eat dough to grow and become the first on the leaderboard. The good part of this game is that you can beat the BIG worms even as a little guy. All you have to try is to make their head hit your body. The objective of Worms.lol is to try to become number one on the leaderboard.

How to play WORMS.LOL


It's really easy to play, you can move with the mouse, your worm's head will always point to your mouse, you can also sprint by pressing the left mouse button. You have to be very careful with spriting because you lose mass when you sprint. As I said, in Worms.lol no matter how big you are you can always eat or be eaten by a bigger/smaller opponent, it all depends on how your path can turn you into a dangerous encounter or worm food. To eliminate another player you have to make their worm's head collide with your body while avoiding colliding with another yourself; it is important to remember that once a worm dies it will turn into a number of food orbs relevant to its size that can be eaten by ANYONE, so eat fast to make sure no one else benefits from your hard work!



Make sure to complete the challenges to get all the awesome rewards! Including hats, different eyes, mouths and glasses. You can also customize your worm with all different colors. Your worm is controlled entirely with mouse movement, its head will follow your cursor around the screen. Your worm can also be sped up using the space bar however this will gradually shorten your worm if used for too long and the lost size drop into food orbs behind its tail.