69 is a free dodge and crash iogame. Become the low poly sumo wrestler you've always dreamed of being. In you can only move forward, arch to the left or retreat. But, remember that retreating is not recommended because the goal of the game is to catch your opponent and push him off the edge of the map. Move fast, double click and eat sushi power-ups to increase your mass and size. You may move a little slower, but when you occupy 20% of the board you don't need to move fast. You just have to move smartly. Think tactically, know where your opponent is going to be, cut him off and hit that button harder, faster and with a stronger will than he could ever beat. If you want to be the best sumo wrestler you need to have discipline and honor. This is a fun game that lets you battle in real time against other players from around the world. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best sumo wrestler? Prove it with

Game instructions:

Game instructions.

Use the w,a,s,d pads or the arrow keys to navigate your wrestler.