Oceanar.io is a free io game in a battle to be the biggest fish in the sea! In this game you start as a single angler fish and consume food to amass an army of fish that will dominate the ocean. The game is simple yet incredibly addictive as it is an awesome feeling to crush an army of opponents with your own or take on that jellyfish that once killed you as a fresh spawn!

How to play


With a similar objective to other io games you start small, alone and weak to both enemy players and the environment, to improve your chances of survival your only hope is to eat the food floating around and gather an army of smaller fish to defend you. As this is a free for all game, it is best that you try to avoid larger groups of fish, as numbers win fights in this world, start by amassing a small group of soldier fish and try to take on a jellyfish to earn yourself a sweet bonus. Once you start to develop a reasonably sized squad, try to take out groups smaller than you to increase your score and assert your dominance in the water.



Control your fish with the mouse, left click is used to attack and right click is used to merge your smaller fish into larger ones. Note that once you have several fish following you the attack key with control them and not your main fish leaving you standing still and vulnerable!