71 is a thrilling race through a fantasy water park! In this fast and stylish game you will be tasked with driving your swimming avatar in his infallible inner tube through a slippery waterslide that goes round and round. Your goal is to outrun the other players to the finish. You can do this by crashing into them and knocking them off the slide, but be careful, because such aggressive tactics can cause you to accidentally knock yourself off the slide. Because, after all, in you slide down a gigantic water roller coaster trying not to fall and get to the finish line first. You can eliminate other players by crashing into them and making them fall to the ground. You can also choose to risk it all by jumping off the slide yourself and trying to land somewhere further down the spiral track, a dangerous move, but worth it if you succeed. Thanks to these crazy mechanics and the unusual setting of the water park, the game is very attractive, dynamic and unpredictable. The controls in are very intuitive: just let your character pick up speed as it automatically moves down the slide and steer left or right to stay on track. The same happens when you are in the air: try to move to the lower level and stick the landing. If you want to live an unprecedented gaming experience in a fun summer environment, give a try. Become the best racer and master the biggest waterslide known to man!