69 is a futuristic iogame. In you are the pilot of a vintage bomber plane and your job is to cause as much chaos as possible. Navigate above a beautifully rendered 3D city and automatically drop your bombs on all kinds of buildings. Your mission is to skyrocket up the leaderboard and defeat the other players. You will have to tactically figure out the map and make strategic decisions that allow you to bomb everything you can. Be careful to avoid the bigger players, as colliding with them will get you killed and reset. As you bomb and your points grow so will the size of your plane. The bigger your plane, the more harmless it will be, making it a challenge suitable only for the most skilled players. Yes, you might win, but this is an equalizing mechanic that helps keep things on an even footing. Another interesting thing about this game is that all the other planes in the game are actually other players from around the world. Video games are essentially MMO games where all the opposing players are not just computer-controlled AI, but are other people just like you. This makes competing against them much more difficult than beating an algorithm. Do you think you have the skill, intelligence and will to outsmart your opponents, raze the city to the ground and become the best pilot? We believe in you, now prove it.

Game instructions:


The plane bombs itself. Your responsibility is to steer it and avoid other players while searching for high value targets. To do this you have multiple control options:


The W,A,S,D keys will control the plane.

The arrow pad will control the airplane.

Hold down the left mouse button to take control of the airplane.

Hold down the right mouse button to take control of the airplane.