70 is a super fun battle royale game where you compete against a bunch of other online players in a game that will test your skill and tactical knowledge. You'll start with a small cell, you must quickly absorb randomly generated smaller cells that are positioned around the map to grow in size, it's a similar concept to as it's made by the same developer, but has a bunch of extra features.

You can absorb anything smaller than you, including other players - but this means you can be absorbed too! You can split yourself into multiple smaller cells to cover more area of the map as an additional ability. Hunt down the other players and become the biggest cell in the place. Have fun!

. is a game where you have to eat other players smaller than you and you will have to run away from the bigger ones! You will grow by eating other players and food that you will find on the ground.

You'll be able to play alone or with friends in each of the different game modes.

Will you be able to make it to the top 1?


How to play
To move around the map use the mouse, split using space, feed with W, double split with Q and split into maximum pieces with T.

You can always change all these controls in the game. You can always change all these controls in the "Control Panel". You can find it on the right of the main panel. strategy
You can choose between 4 different game modes: FFA, Dual, MegaSplit and Instant.

-FFA: In FFA you can't team up with anyone or the anti-team system will be activated.

-MegaSplit: In these servers you can split yourself into 64 pieces, you can also feed faster and you have the ability to do solo tricks!!! in this game mode you can team up with your friends!

-Instant: This game mode is already known by everyone, here you can merge much faster than the other game modes, you can team up but most of the players play solo.

- Dual mode: Press TAB to bring up your other cell, this way you can team up with yourself by using two cells. was created by the same developers who created Ixagar,Dual Agar, Senpai Agar, and finally merged all the games into one to create the perfect Agario-like Battle Royale game!