DatTank.IO is a free multiplayer browser game in which you create your own tank, fight in the arena with other players and upgrade your skills and collect coins and levels to upgrade your tank. At the beginning, after entering the arena you are added to 1 of 4 colored teams, your job is to eliminate as many enemy tanks as possible and increase your score to become the leader. Around the map there are health packs and ammo packs, so if you take any damage after a fight you can prepare again for the next encounter. By the way, don't forget to avoid overheating the cannon because then you will have to wait a bit before firing again and this can cost you a life. Unlock new cannons/hulls/armor or engines and show everyone who is the boss. How to play DatTankIO: AWSD or arrows - move your tank. Hold space or mouse button to shoot. Health and ammo can be regenerated by driving over the hp/ammo packs. Level up your tank by getting more score and upgrade your tank speed/weapon/armor power, etc. Greetings and good luck!