65 is an arena-based tactical shooter. Select your weapon, armor and color. Attack and defeat other players to earn points, use them to unlock perks and special abilities. offers 21,600 unique classes + perks to suit any play style. Player stats are recorded and can be viewed at Controls


Select your weapon, color, and armor on the selection screen, then click Play.

Move with the WASD keys, or the arrow keys.

Shoot using the left click.

Reload by pressing the R key


Use advanced power-ups by pressing Space bar


As you earn points by damaging other players, perks will be unlocked. You can view and select perks by clicking on the yellow upgrade icon on the HUD. There are three levels of perks in total. The first level is available at 100 points, the second at 300 and the third at 600.

Strategies of

You can use the objects on the map as cover from enemy fire. Pay attention to your opponents, they will have to reload once they have run out of ammunition, you can use this to your advantage.

There is a special square in the center of the map that awards points to players who occupy it. However, be careful, the square is a very dangerous area and you will have to defend yourself from other players.

There are different perks that can be used together to suit your play style. Some players prefer an aggressive run-and-gun approach, and others prefer to be stealthy. Keep in mind that heavier weapons and armor will reduce your movement speed. Smaller weapons and lighter types of armor will allow you to move quickly. servers support a maximum of 64 players each. The map area will automatically increase and decrease in size depending on how many people are on the server. This means you don't have to travel too far to get in on the action. The areas outside the map boundaries are covered in a dangerous fog, you can survive in the fog for a short period of time, but don't stay out there for too long!

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